Business Coaching Services

Professional coaching assistance for your business

Whether you’re a one-person operation or you’ve built a team, experience personal and executive growth with our visionary coach. Hire SA to personalize a custom growth plan for your company and your personal and professional goals.

Why Choose Us?

Our values speak volumes about who Sassy is as a person and a business


Growth is essential for the long-term survival of a business. We have high expectations not only for ourselves but also for all of our clients. Using growth as a measuring tool allows us to continue pushing the boundaries.


We are dedicated to turn dreams into reality. Our passion is what makes Sassy Accountant stand apart from our competitors. We are dedicated to our clients and their futures, no matter how difficult it may seem.


To ensure our clients can rely upon us, we decided building trust is critical. We believe trust should be the foundation of any relationship, especially in business.

What can Sassy Accountant help you achieve?

Measurable Growth
Accelerate your business with time proven methods.
Measurable Growth
Development Roadmap
Build upon your foundation for lasting success.
Development Roadmap
Roadblock Assistance
Create a game plan to energize your tasks and overcome your challenges
Roadblock Assistance
Mission Plan
Define your core goals, discover your true vision, and determine your value
Mission Plan

Coaching Packages

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Monthly Group Mentorship

Monthly Retainer

Mastermind Roundtable

Private Coaching (5 Hour Power Session)

30 Minute Work With Me Session